Amplify Your Impact on Corporate Boards

Corporate boards play a pivotal role in today’s disruptive business landscape, shaping the future of organizations by offering guidance and oversight on a range of issues, from business strategy and risk management to regulatory compliance.

This unique program has been designed for senior-level executives who currently serve on corporate boards and those who aspire to transition into this role, as well as senior managers who seek to engage more effectively with their board.

In a dynamic learning forum, you will learn how to magnify your contribution to create strategic value and ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.


  • Deeper awareness of the roles, responsibilities and best practices of corporate boards and their impact on long-term success
  • A stronger grasp of the crucial processes and dynamics of successful corporate boards
  • Frameworks to analyze the key organizational challenges in fast-evolving institutional and digital environments
  • Insights to foster an effective board culture, including strategies to manage boardroom conflicts and power dynamics
  • Core competencies to forge strategic partnerships between the board and senior management to advance stakeholder interests
  • Enhanced ability to leverage diversity to boost board performance

Content of the Program

The program uses real-life examples to illustrate the main challenges and responsibilities of corporate boards, with a focus on strategy, operations, finance, leadership and stakeholder management, as well as implications for family-owned businesses.

Among the areas examined are:

  • Key Roles and Responsibilities of Corporate Boards
  • Long-Term Strategy: Board Members Strategic Toolkit
  • Governance: Corporate Boards as Early Warning Systems
  • Board/Chair/CEO: Culture and Dynamics
  • Corporate Boards and Digitalization
  • Navigating Disruption
  • Boards and Activist Shareholders
  • Essential Questions for Boards: Finance, Marketing and Operations
  • Boards and Stakeholder Management
  • Boards, Executive Succession and Cultivating Next-Generation Leadership

Is This Program Right for You?

The High-Performance Board Member Program program is designed for:

  • C-suite executives currently serving on corporate boards
  • Top-level public officers
  • Next-generation leaders preparing to transition to a board role
  • Senior managers seeking to shape and engage their board of directors


High-Performance Board Member Program will expand your understanding of the main responsibilities, dynamics and strategic challenges of corporate boards and equip you with actionable insights to boost overall board performance.

With a highly practical approach, the program merges a number of proven academic methodologies including the case method, interactive lectures, guest-speaker sessions, action-learning activities and team-based projects.

Two weeks before the program start, you will receive a package of pre-readings that offer a theoretical groundwork to optimize both classroom time and learning outcomes.


The program harnesses the joint expertise of faculty from IESE Business School and WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management. As accomplished educators, they enrich the learning experience by integrating insights from their frontline research and experience as strategic consultants.

Marc Sachon
Academic Director
Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University

Serden Özcan
Academic Director
Associate Dean for Corporate Connections
Endowed Chair of Innovation and Corporate Transformation
Ph.D. in Business Economics, Copenhagen Business School
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
Jordi Canals
Professor of Strategic Management and Economics
Fundación IESE Chair in Corporate Governance
Ph.D. in Economic and Business Sciences, Universitat de Barcelona
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University
Martin Glaum
Professor of International Accounting
Ph.D. in Business Studies, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

Admission Process
Registration for the program entails a four-part process:

  1. Complete and submit an online application.
  2. You will receive an email from the Executive Education Department to acknowledge receipt of your application and provide information on program dates, preparatory study materials and payment details.
  3. Payment must be received before the start of the program and submission of preparatory materials. This is a prerequisite to take part in the program.
  4. Two weeks before the start date, you will receive an email with a username to access to IESE’s Virtual Campus, which contains all the necessary study materials.


*Materials, meals and activities. It does not included: tax on food and beverage, accommodation and travel cost.

The program requires preparatory coursework, which will be made available three weeks before the start date. Payment is required in order to access this material. Check the cancellation policy below.
Do you know about our corporate agreements and fees for multiple registrations? Feel free to ask us.

Arranging Payment
We accept payments by credit card, check or wire. For more payment information, please reference your invoice.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received within 20 days prior to the start of the program are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 25% of the program fee. IESE reserves the right to cancel this edition of the program or to change the dates up to 20 days prior to its start. IESE is under no circumstances responsible for travel expenses incurred. Participants should consider travel cancellation coverage in the exceptional event that the program is cancelled or that participants are unable to attend for personal or professional reasons.


Module 1 – WHU in Düsseldorf
February 22-24, 2021
Module 2 – IESE in Munich
April 19-20, 2021
Module 3 – IESE in Barcelona
June 15-17, 2021


IESE Business School
Barbara Breiter
IESE Munich
+49 89 24 20 9790

WHU-Otto Beisheim
School of Management
+49 211 44709 178



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