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Challenges, Opportunities & Future Paths

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has abundant and untapped renewable resources and considerable crude oil and natural gas reserves. Despite the region’s vast potential and recent progress, most of its residents still lack access to basic, reliable and affordable energy: over 600 million people lack regular access to electricity and 800 million people rely on harmful biomass to cook food and heat their homes.

The global pandemic has only added to an already vulnerable situation. While SSA has been spared its worse effects, COVID-19 has unleashed severe economic consequences, with future remediation highly dependent on a solid energy infrastructure.

IESE Business School and its Fuel Freedom Chair is offering a first-ever program to examine the unique realities of the African energy sector and explore alternatives and opportunities for impact investment.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of Africa’s core energy sectors and their intersection with technology, business and policy.
  • Analyze potential strategies to reduce energy poverty and harness local resources to provide opportunities for millions.
  • Learn more about the region-specific economic and social trends driving Africa’s energy development.
  • Broaden your knowledge of the unique energy transition process and role of energy on climate change in SSA.
  • Explore the fundamentals of ESG integration, sustainability and impact investing in SSA.


The program is structured around the following topics:

Kick Off. Welcome session. “SSA Development Trends in the Energy Sector: New Approaches to Age-old challenges.”

Understanding the Sub-Saharan Energy Landscape

  • Geopolitics, Energy Security and Climate Change.
  • What Makes Africa Unique: Economic Development, Social and Demographic Trends and Challenges.
  • Climate Change, Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Goals: African Perspectives · The Impact of COVID19.

Electricity, Transportation and Cooking: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Current Landscape and Challenges in the Power Sector .
  • Off-Grid Solutions, Renewables and Access to Finance: Opportunities to Leapfrog Electricity Access.
  • Cooking Fuels and Technologies: Leveraging the Potential of an Overlooked Sector.
  • The Oil and Gas Sector in Africa: From Upstream to Downstream.
  • Transportation Fuels.
  • Modern Bioenergy: Opportunities for a Sustainable Future.

Doing Business in Africa: Entrepreneurship and Strategies

  • Doing Business in Africa.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Making an Impact Through a Sustainable Business.
  • Managing Public-Private Partnerships in Africa.
  • From ESG to Impact Investing: The Global Evolution of the Field.
  • Unlocking Capital: Investments for Africa’s Energy Transition.

Is This Program Right for You?
The African Energy Sector: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Paths” program is designed for entrepreneurs, impact investors, development-sector and government professionals , as well as energy-sector managers and executives who aspire to broaden their knowledge of the SSA energy industry to elevate their organizational impact.

Combining a robust curriculum and a highly practical approach, this program will expand participants’ understanding of the main opportunities and roadblocks in the SSA energy sector, as well as its powerful role in driving economic growth.

Delivered in a live online format, the program offers market insights and financial strategies to help launch new business opportunities and in turn, improve the lives of millions.

The faculty of “The African Energy Sector: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Paths” program is made up of professionals who are involved not only in teaching but in research and the business world. This program’s team comprises:

Ahmad Rahnema (academic director)
Fuel Freedom Chair for Energy and Social Development

Professor of Financial Management
PhD in Management, IESE Business School
África Ariño
Academic Director of IESE’s Center for Globalization and Strategy
Professor of Strategic Management
PhD in Management, University of California, Los Angeles
Fabrizio Ferraro 
Head of the Strategic Management Department
Professor of Strategic Management

PhD in Management, Stanford University
Master’s in Sociology, Stanford University
Alejandro Lago
Head of Production, Technology and Operations Management
Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management
PhD in Engineering, University of California-Berkeley
Mike Rosenberg
Professor of the Practice of Management of Strategic Management
Doctor of Philosophy (Management), Cranfield University
Master’s in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, University of Michigan
Izael Pereira Da Silva
Professor on Energy and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) at Strathmore University
Chairman of the advisory board of Strathmore Energy Research Centre, chairman of the Board of Directors of Kenya Climate Innovation Center. PhD in Power Systems Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Edward Mungai
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Development) at Strathmore University
PhD in Management from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain

Guests Speakers

Andrea Renzulli, RES4Africa (Italy).
Colm Fail, Clean Cooking Alliance (USA).
Dr. Edward Mungai, Kenya Climate Innovation Center.
Eghosa Oriaikhi, Puma Energy Africa.
Geoffrey Ronoh, OFGEN (Estearn Africa).
Dr. George Njenga, Strathmore Business School.
José de la Maza, IMCW Europe.
Leandre Ndri, CIE (Ivory Coast).
Linda Davis, Giraffe Bioenergy (Kenya).
Luca Traini, RES4Africa (Italy).
Mr. Mohammed Khadi, Consumer´s Choice Limited (Kenya/Tanzania).
Peter Mbah, Pinnacle Oil and Gas (Nigeria).
Vuyo Ntoy, Co-Managing Director at African Infrastructure Investment Managers (Pan African).
Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power (Rwanda).
Yossie Hollander, Fuel Freedom Foundation (USA).
The “IESE Live Online” methodology leverages proven frameworks and the school’s trademark rigor to apply academic learnings to global management practices in a dynamic online setting.

This live virtual methodology offers a platform for direct interaction with faculty and a high-impact learning experience using a blend of hands-on activities in real time, case-method sessions and team workshops, as well as online discussion forums and connections with high-caliber peers. This combination of teaching methods has been strategically designed to magnify the learning impact.

Participants will enhance their knowledge, analytical thinking and decision-making skills through a relevant, practitioner-focused approach. At the same time, they also boost their digital learning and leadership aptitudes to better navigate the current online environment.

To ensure everyone gets the most out of the program, participants will be asked to prepare the academic materials provided two weeks before the program’s start date.

This live online edition is 5 weeks in duration:

  • Kick-off session:
    • September 26, 2022 (Mon.)
  • Week 1:
    •  September 29 (Thu.) | Session 1
  • Week 2:
    •  October 4 (Tue.) | Session 2
    • October 6 (Thu.) | Session 3
  • Week 3:
    • October 11 (Tue.) | Session 4
    • October 13 (Thu.) | Session 5
  • Week 4:
    • October 18 (Tue.) | Session 7
    • October 20 (Thu.) | Session 8

Admission Process & Fees
The live online edition has a three-step admission process:

  1. Participants complete and submit the online application.
  2. The Executive Education Department emails the participant to acknowledge receipt and provides further details on the program dates, schedule and bank details to submit payment.
  3. The participant pays the program fee. This is an essential requisite to access the pre-readings and participate in the program.


  • General fee: € 2,500
  • Alumni fee: € 2,250
  • IESE Alumni Assn. members: € 2,125
  • Executive Education Certificate fee: An additional 5% discount on the general or IESE Alumni Association member fee.

The program fee is tax-exempt and includes academic materials. Payment is required before the program begins.

Discounts are available for corporate agreements and multiple registrations from the same company. Space is limited and filled in strict order of receipt so early registration is encouraged.

Payment Details
We accept payments by credit card or wire transfer.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received within 7 days before the program launch are subject to a fee equivalent to 25% of tuition. IESE reserves the right to cancel this program edition or modify dates up to 7 days prior to its start.


Live Online
Start date: September 26, 2022 | 5 weeks


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