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Your Clients Are Already Digital.
What About Your Marketing Strategy?

The world of marketing is undergoing a major transformation. The current economic climate is putting added pressure on brands, now working with smaller advertising budgets. At the same time, digitalization has sparked a powerful ripple effect that impacts everything: channels, media outlets, services and, needless to say, purchasing processes.

This paradigm shift has given rise to new competition tools, leaving many senior leaders to question whether they sufficiently understand them and possess the know-how to leverage their power.


  • Learn how to develop a solid digital marketing strategy.
  • Discover the latest digital marketing tools to attract clients and build your brand.
  • Debate and discuss digitalization opportunities in your company with other top-caliber professionals.

The “Digital Marketing” program is structured around the following topics:

Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy
An overview of the core elements when defining a digital marketing strategy: strategic digital marketing plan, market presence, traffic generation, CRM and analytics.
Digital Marketing to Attract Clients and Foster Customer Loyalty
The role of digital media to attract new clients, including the digitalization of the sales process, the importance of SEM and display, and analysis of marketing metrics and allocation models.
Digital Marketing to Build Your Brand
Strategies to reinforce your brand using digital communication tools like branded content and video advertising; an overview of 360-degree campaigns; how to manage tensions when allocating marketing budgets; key digital metrics; and the difficulties when measuring advertising ROI.
Communication and Digital Reputation
Insights to manage the paradigm shift from mass marketing to personalized brand-client interactions.
An in-depth discussion on the benefits of social networks to monitor online sentiment; the rise of influencers and their role as brand prescribers; strategies to enhance brand reputation; and crisis management.
Digital Marketing Trends
Review of the core digital drivers that will transform the future of marketing, as well as reading recommendations for further exploration.

Is This Program Right for You?
The “Digital Marketing” program is designed for general managers, marketing directors and professionals who seek a deeper understanding of digital marketing.

In an engaging learning format, you will boost your ability to plan, implement and measure digital strategies that resonate with your customer base, integrate with your global marketing mix and support your overall corporate objectives.

The faculty of the “Digital Marketing” program is made up of professionals who are involved not only in teaching but in research and the business world. This program’s team comprises:

Julián Villanueva | IESE Business SchoolJulián Villanueva
Academic Director
Professor and Head of Marketing
PhD in Management (Marketing), University of California, Los Angeles
MBA, IESE, University of Navarra
Luis Ferrándiz | IESE Business SchoolLuis Ferrándiz
Lecturer of Marketing
MBA, IESE Business School
Degree in Business and Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The program leverages a wide range of highly dynamic and interactive teaching methodologies, including group discussions, class lectures, exercises, the case study method and a computer simulation, all aimed to hone your skills as an agent of change.

This combination of teaching methods has been strategically designed to magnify the learning impact.

The live online edition is 5 weeks in duration (dates TBC):

  • Kick-off session:
    • June 2021 (TBC)

Admission Process & Fees
This program has a three-step admission process:

  1. Participants must complete and submit the online application.
  2. The Executive Education Department will contact the participant by email to acknowledge receipt of the application. It will also provide information about the program dates, schedule and the bank details needed to pay tuition.
  3. The participant pays tuition (payment must be made before the start of the course). This is an essential prerequisite for participating in the program.

The program fee is tax-exempt. Do you know about our corporate agreements and fees for multiple registrations? Feel free to ask us.

Payment is required prior to the start date and academic materials are included in this fee.

Spaces are limited and filled in strict order of registration.

Arranging Payment
We accept payments by credit card or wire. For more payment information, please reference your invoice.

Cancellation Policy
IESE reserves the right to cancel this edition of the program or to change the dates up to 7 days prior to its start.


Live Online
Start date: June 2021 | 5 weeks
(dates TBC)


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  • IESE offers you the opportunity of designing a personalized development plan. With the support of an academic adviser, you will ll select at least four focused programs that address your unique interests and learning objectives. Once completed, you will receive the IESE Executive Education Certificate and become elegible to join IESE’s Alumni Association.

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  • To receive the IESE Executive Education Certificate you must meet the following requirements:

    Complete at least four focused programs (in English or Spanish).

    Programs must be completed within three years.

    Programs should amount to a minimum of 13 days of learning. You can view the focused programs calendar here for a list of available programs.


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