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Building Leadership on Strengths

Increasing employee engagement, driving innovation and change, and stimulating top-level performance involves taking a positive new approach to leadership that builds on strengths.

Run jointly by IESE Business School and Michigan’s Ross School of Business, this program will provide you with the techniques and tools you need to stimulate performance in others by focusing on their strengths.


  • Learn how to cultivate a mindful and mission-driven work environment that empowers and engages employees.
  • Examine the importance of self-awareness to motivate growth at both individual and organizational levels.
  • Learn techniques to unlock the highest potential within oneself and others.
  • Make a step-by-step plan to address leadership challenges in your organization.

In “Become a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change“, you will engage in an exciting, introspective, and intense opportunity to reflect on yourself and your organization. You will explore in detail the following topics:

The Positive Leadership Framework

  • The BPL framework
  • Application of the framework to personal and organizational realms

Enabling Spectacular Performance and an Exceptional Culture

  • Tools and techniques to motivate employees
  • Setting the stage for implementation to excel

Character Development (Nurture Versus Nature)

  • Self-awareness and development of positive qualities
  • Leveraging crisis situations as opportunities for resilience and learning

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Basilica: Drawing Inspiration from Gaudí

  • Motivating others with a sense of purpose and mission
  • Creativity for overcoming challenges and constraints
  • Evaluating the present to create an alternative future

Reflected “Best Self” Exercise

  • Customized feedback on your strengths and strength profile
  • Creating a picture of you at your best

Deep Change

  • Understanding the power of emotions and managing them in professional environments
  • Clarifying values and purpose

Creating a Positive Organizational Culture

  • Positive climate: stress prevention; mindfulness and well-being
  • Pros, cons and sustainability of a positive culture

High-Quality Connections and Energy Networks

  • Understanding the power of high-quality connections and learning how to create them to impact the future
  • Trust and empowerment

Action Plan: Change Starts With You

  • Planning and positioning for excellence
  • Development of a 21-day personal action plan

Is This Program Right for You?
The “Become a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change” program targets human resource professionals and their teams; executives who are spearheading change or in the midst of a career transformation; and leaders who aspire to develop creative, committed and constructive teams.


The faculty of the “Become a Positive Leader to Accelerate Positive Change” program  is made up of professionals who are involved not only in teaching but in research and the business world.

Alberto Ribera (academic director)
Professor of Managing People in Organizations
PhD in Medicine, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
PhD in Economics, UIC (Barcelona)
Specialist in Social and Preventive Medicine (Mental Health), Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
Certificate in Personality Assessment, University of Minnesota
Kim Cameron (academic director)
William Russell Kelly Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business
PhD and Master’s in Administrative Sciences, Yale University
Anneloes Raes
Professor of Managing People in Organizations
PhD in Organizational Behavior, Maastricht University
Master’s in Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Shawn Quinn | University of Michigan Business School

Shawn Quinn
Master’s in Organizational & Social Psychology, Columbia University
Experienced Based Learning and Training from National Training Labs (NTL)

On-Campus Ed. Methodology
The program leverages a wide range of highly dynamic and interactive teaching methodologies, including group discussions, class lectures, exercises, the case study method and a computer simulation, all aimed to hone your skills as an agent of change. These teaching methods have been strategically combined to foster an optimal learning environment.

The on-site edition takes place on the school’s Barcelona campus.

To ensure participants get the most out of the program, they will be asked to prepare the academic materials provided two weeks before the program’s start date.

On-Campus Ed. Admission Process & Fees
The admission process entails a four-step process:

  1. Participants complete and submit the online application.
  2. The Executive Education Department emails the participant to acknowledge receipt and provide further details on program dates, pre-program academic materials and bank details to submit payment.
  3. The participant pays the program fee. This is an essential requisite to access the pre-readings and participate in the program.
  4. Two weeks before the start date, participants receive an email with a user name to access the IESE Virtual Campus and pre-readings.
  • General fee: € 6,000
  • Alumni fee: € 5,400
  • IESE Alumni Assn. members: € 5,100
  • Executive education Certificate fee: An additional 5% discount on the general or IESE Alumni Association member fee.

The program fee is tax-exempt. Payment is required before the program begins and includes all academic materials and most meals. Please note that travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

Discounts are available for corporate agreements and multiple registrations from the same company. Space is limited and filled in strict order of reception so early registration is encouraged.

Participants in the on-campus Barcelona edition can benefit from special rates at the following hotels: AC Victoria Suites (Marriot) 4*Sansi Pedralbes 4*Abba Garden 4*Meliá Sarriá Barcelona 5*Upper Diagonal 4*.

Payment Details
We accept payments by credit card or wire transfer.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received within 20 days before the program launch are subject to a fee equivalent to 25% of tuition. IESE reserves the right to cancel this edition or modify dates up to 20 days prior to its start. IESE is under no circumstances responsible for travel expenses incurred. Participants should consider travel cancellation coverage in the exceptional event that the program is cancelled or if they are unable to attend for personal or professional reasons.


November 29-30 & December 1-3, 2021


Focused Programs
Anna Vera | Director

(+34) 93 253 4395
How to arrive


Michigan Ross




  •  Companies with corporate agreements with IESE: discount of up to 20%.

    Discount on multiple applications, for individuals and teams: up to 25% for groups of four or more people.

    The more focused programs you take, the more benefits you will receive: you can get discounts from 5 % up to 15 %.

    Contact here the Focused Program team to find out conditions and more details.

  •  Special price for alumni: 10% discount.

     Special price for Members of the IESE Alumni Association: 15% discount. Recommend 2 participants and each one will also get 15% off.

    Loyalty card: IESE alumni or members who take more than 1 program annually will accumulate discounts of up to 30%.

    Contact here the Focused Program team to find out conditions and more details.

  • Entrepreneurs.

    Executive women.


    Contact here to find out more about the scholarships’ criteria and admission process.

  • There are two different ways of obtaining the Executive Education Certificate:

    Complete 4 Focused Programs: 3 face-to-face and 1 online, in English or Spanish, within three years. The 4 programs must total a minimum of 13 days of learning.

    Complete 5 online Focused Programs, in English or Spanish, within two years.

    In addition to earning the IESE Executive Education Certificate, you will enjoy a series of exclusive benefits: Professional guidance with an IESE adviser, 5% discount on any future Focused Programs, and the possibility of becoming a member of the Alumni Association.


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