Turn Customer Data Into Growth

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming our world. Learn how to create value from digital assets with an eye on growth and innovation.
Explore strategies to monetize your data to gain competitive advantage.


  • Identify your data assets and learn how to exploit them, creating value for your organization.
  • Update your knowledge of the actual trends on business intelligence and data technologies.
  • Learn how to plan the implementation of a data strategy: human resources, data assets, data technologies and data products.

The program “Big Data, Where to Start?” will tackle the following topics:

  • Big Data opportunities for value creation.
  • Data Science and Business Intelligence.
  • Data-driven marketing.
  • Data-driven operational efficiency.
  • Capturing and analyzing social network data.

Is This Program Right for You?
The program “Big Data, Where to Start?” is aimed at managers interested in exploiting the power of data in their organizations, including public administration, big and medium sized corporations and start-ups.
Participants may be associated to a wide range of functions, such as human resources, marketing, operations, product development, etc.
Highly dynamic and interactive, the program employs a combination of academic methods, including case studies, dynamic lectures and group discussions guided by IESE faculty. The case studies, which come from different industries, such as banking, e-commerce and airlines, illustrate the application of Data Science methodology.
The faculty of the “Big Data, Where to Start?” program consists of professionals linked not only to teaching and research but also to the real and relevant business world:

Miguel Ángel Canela (academic director)
Associate Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences
PhD in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona
Degree in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona
Before joining IESE in 2009, he was a professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Analysis of that university and a part-time professor of the PhD Program at IESE. He also worked many years as a consultant at Institut Català de Tecnologia, and actually teaches Statistics and Data Science at IESE. Prof. Canela has coauthored three books and his research papers cover a wide range of applications, from Management Science to Biochemistry, but, nowadays, his focus is put on Data Science and its applications to business.
Miguel Ángel Ariño 
Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences
PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Universitat de Barcelona
Degree in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona
Degree in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona
Miguel Ángel Ariño is a visiting professor in international institutions such as the China Europe International Business School and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School. Specialized in decision-making and organizational governance, Prof. Ariño has published articles in both academic and mainstream magazines. He is the author of a book on management decision making (2005) and co-author of the book on how to avoid risks in decision-making (2010).
Inés Alegre
Assistant Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences
PhD in Management, IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Master of Research in Management, IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Degree in Industrial Engineering, Escola Superior d’Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Before joining IESE, she was an assistant professor at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Prof. Alegre’s research focuses on new organizational forms in the sharing economy such as collaborative consumption platforms, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and social enterprises. She teaches decision analysis and quantitative methods.

Admission Process
The program has a four-step admission process:

  1. Participants must complete and submit the online application.
  2. The Executive Education Department will contact the participant by email to acknowledge receipt of the application. It will also provide information about the program dates, sending of prior study materials and the bank details needed to pay tuition.
  3. The participant pays tuition (payment must be made before the start of the course and before prior study materials are sent). This is an essential prerequisite for participating in the program.
  4. Three weeks before the start of the program, participants will receive an email with a username giving them access to IESE’s Virtual Campus, where initial study materials will be available.


The program fee is tax-exempt and includes academic materials and lunches. It does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

The program requires preparatory coursework, which will be made available three weeks before the start date. Payment is required in order to access this material. Check the cancellation policy below.

Do you know about our corporate agreements and fees for multiple registrations? Feel free to ask us.

We have negotiated special fees for our participants in these hotels near to Barcelona campus: AC Victoria Suites (Marriot) 4*Sansi Pedralbes 4*Abba Garden 4*Princesa Sofía 5*Meliá Sarriá Barcelona 5*Upper Diagonal 4*.

Arranging Payment
We accept payments by credit card, check or wire. For more payment information, please reference your invoice.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received within 20 days prior to the start of the program are subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 25% of the program fee. IESE reserves the right to cancel this edition of the program or to change the dates up to 20 days prior to its start. IESE is under no circumstances responsible for travel expenses incurred. Participants should consider travel cancellation coverage in the exceptional event that the program is cancelled or that participants are unable to attend for personal or professional reasons.


June 20-21, 2018


IESE Barcelona
(+34) 93 253 4200
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